Landscape Lighting Plano, TX

Landscape Lighting, Plano, TX

Outdoor lighting is a fundamental element of landscaping. However, few homeowners pay special attention to this aspect. They make no extra effort and install a few floodlights and not much else. However, lighting is much more than that; it requires expertise, understanding, and imagination to illuminate a landscape properly.

Lunar FX Lighting offers exceptional landscape lighting services to Plano, TX customers. Occasionally, we handle outdoor lighting as part of a full-scale landscaping project. However, if you believe that your home lacks adequate illumination, you can choose to replace it at any time.

Why You Need Landscape Lighting

So, why is this illumination so crucial? Here are some reasons:

  • Having a well-illuminated property increases safety and discourages undesirables from visiting your property.

  • Strikingly lit outdoor areas enhance the property's curb appeal.

  • When gardens and yards are well-lit, people are more likely to use them.

  • It is a pleasure to entertain and rest in well-lit outdoor spaces.

  • The yard and garden become significantly safer for your children and pets to play in.

  • Increases your home's value

There are several advantages to hiring professionals like us to plan and install your landscape lighting.

Comprehensive Outdoor Lighting Concepts

We can help with outdoor lighting for various spaces and features, such as:

  • Driveways & Walks - Poorly illuminated driveways or paths can be highly hazardous. These areas must be well-lit since people must be able to see where they are going and driving.

  • Garden Stairs/Deck Steps - Steps that lead to another landscaped area or yard need some form of illumination. The lights might be concealed behind the side walls at the stair level.

  • Trees and boulders - Adding lighting effects to boulders and trees is an excellent way to add flair to landscapes.

  • Patios and Decks - These are the leisure zones on your property. If you want to use them properly, even at night, they must be well lit. You may have energy-efficient LED lights in the colors and tones you like, with dimmers that allow you to customize the outdoor space's ambiance.

  • Water Features - Water elements such as ponds, fountains, and waterfalls give an excellent opportunity to create a spectacular effect on a home. You can either train spotlights on them or install underwater lights to achieve the desired look.

We mix and match various effects like uplighting, downlighting, recessed lighting, and concealed lighting. At some points, we may also suggest installing string lights and floodlights for the right impact. We use lights of various colors and hues of the best quality. You will find that your outdoor spaces look truly unique even after dark.

Customized Landscape Lighting Services

Our entire team is here to help with all your residential and commercial landscape lighting requirements. We will provide you with a detailed outdoor lighting plan based on your personal preferences and the elements that exist on your property. We are focused on providing customized solutions, which is the difference between our services and those that other companies offer. We give insights and ideas and use our vast experience to provide clients with the best possible services.

Whether you want us to handle your landscape lighting project from scratch or need to upgrade existing features, we can help. We know how crucial it is for clients to have adequate illumination in their outdoor areas without spending exorbitant amounts of money. It's why we focus on installing energy-efficient lighting.

Our team is here to cater to all your Plano, TX, low voltage landscape lighting requirements. For more information, please call Lunar FX Lighting at 469-340-9535. You can also write to us via this Online Form and one of our team members will call you back shortly.

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